Jessie James Decker, an accomplished singer with a baby plot worthy of a telenovela, and her retired NFL player husband Eric Decker have welcomed another chirper to their brood. Their latest addition, Denver Calloway Decker, clocked in at 8.7 lbs after birth on February 9, 2024.

The glad parents were all over Instagram as early as Sunday to announce the good news to the world by posting beautiful pictures of the growing of their family. One picture, however, showed a beautiful trio smiling with their newborn lying on their laps, and the second captured an intimate shot of young Denver, who was in his crib and totally oblivious to the social media hype he had already triggered.

Eric Jr.8
Denver CallowayNewborn

The Decker family has four toddler monarchs, who now rule the roost along with older siblings Vivianne, Eric Jr. and Forrest. There is no doubt that this bunch are happy to carry on for as long as they can and they are certainly here to stay.

While Jessie told her Instagram followers in August 2023 that she was pregnant and that this was a very surprising news for her, she explained that she and her husband had been talking about getting a vasectomy in order to prevent pregnancy. The Kittenish founder considered the pregnancy to be far-fetched because “her own plans were overruled by the higher powers”, thus creating a new human being.

Despite the element of surprise, the couple embraced the news with open arms (and open nests), declaring themselves “over the moon” about their impending arrival. So she changed her mind and decided that, as Jessie had already owned up to, the sheep had always felt like a clock ticking toward “another family member” to accompany their flock.

The period of my family expansion, though, was not exempt from mixing up. In an interview with The Sun published in January 2023, Eric confessed he was “a little worried” about the impending vasectomy, with disbelief that it would somehow strip his manhood. Skeptically, the wide receiver replied, “That’s like being a little powerless.” The ex-wide receiver admitted, much to Jessie’ frustration, “This is how I feel” about this little bit of power has been taken away from him.

The year before, the singer had complained about her husband’s rejection to book the procedure, which left their family planning up in the air. “She wouldn’t did it, for sure,” she sighed, no doubt having a vision of a future that was full of diapers and sleepless nights.

Nevertheless, these initial doubts are not supposed to disturb now the Deckers, which are already extremely busy with the circumstances of a growing one. Three experienced fighters (Vivianne, Eric Jr., and Forest) are helping out the newest recruit of Denver, which together form a brotherhood of sibling soldiers who are under the close scrutiny but the warm care of their parents.

Also, as the Decker clan grows bigger, one can’t help but think that lots of fun and games are about to happen for the whole family. One thing is certain: never being a shelter deprived of many chirping voices but instead always being so with a family this joyful and with a love so deep.