XANADU Entertainment verified Park Bo Ram’s passing at the age of thirty. Fans are shocked and in sadness after her unexpected demise.

The tragically young thirty-year-old Korean vocalist Park Bo Ram passed suddenly. Renowned for her well-received original soundtracks for K-dramas and her involvement in SuperStar K2, many South Korean media sites announced her passing last evening. This tragic news was later verified by her agency, XANADU, in a succinct statement.

Park Bo Ram dies at age thirty.

Renowned for her ethereal voice and classic hits like Reply 1988’s Hyehwadong (Or Ssangmundong) and W – Two Worlds’ Please Say Something, Even Though It Is a Lie, she went just while she was getting ready to make a comeback to commemorate her debut’s tenth anniversary.

Park Bo Ram passed away on April 11, according to XANADU’s succinct announcement. “The police are currently looking into the cause of death.” It also said.

Who was Park Bo Ram, the Korean singer?

With the release of her popular song Beautiful in 2014, Bo Ram rose to fame following her 2010 performance on Mnet’s audition series Superstar K2. She became one of the most adored singers of all time due to her rapid rise to fame and deep voice. Bo Ram continued to be involved in the music business, putting out a number of singles such as Celepretty, Sorry, Pretty Bae, Dynamic Love, and others.

In an updated statement, XANADU said, “All of the artists and executives at XANADU Entertainment are deeply mourning the deceased with great sadness.” XANADU expressed deep sorrow at the loss. “It is even more heartbreaking that we have to inform all of the fans who support Park Bo Ram of this sudden news,” the statement that included funeral details said. The bereaved family will be consulted before the funeral is held.

Observers lament Park Bo Ram’s passing.

“Me, Reply 1988, W, Hyde Jekyll, and several others. Park Bo Ram, I’m grateful for the OSTs. On social media, a fan posted. Bo Ram was supposedly not experiencing any health issues, and her followers were thrilled about her anticipated return until the shocking news of her passing broke their hearts. Another person shared a playlist of Bo Ram’s music and commented, “May Bo Ram rest in peace. She had a phenomenal voice. I’m sorry to hear the news.