Taylor Swift declines a $9 million deal for an exclusive UAE concert 

According to reports, Taylor Swift declined a significant invitation to play at a private function in the United Arab Emirates. French Montana claims that the pop diva, who is preparing to release her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, was given a whopping $9 million. According to a 2023 Forbes article, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, and other pop singers have earned millions of dollars from private performances; Queen Bey is at the top of the list.

“Taylor Swift declines” a $9 million offer in the UAE

Rapper French Montana, whose real name is Karim Kharbouch, is a Moroccan-American. He posted a screenshot of the offer on social media last month. He acknowledged receiving a $1 million performance offer, but withheld the identity of the other performer. It was disclosed that the second individual had received a $9 million offer in December.

“Somebody just sent me a show offer, who y’all think the $9 million was for lol?” he said in a now-deleted post. Fans were kept in suspense until he subsequently revealed that the second individual was none other than 14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift in a recent interview with VladTV.

He said, “Somewhere in Emirates, they had a show offer for me and Taylor—her $9 million, me $1 million.”

What made Swift turn down such a generous offer?

Although the reason for the “Bad Blood” singer’s rejection of such a big offer is still unknown, money doesn’t appear to be a factor. She became the first singer to earn a ten-figure income from her songs and concerts, and Forbes has named her one of the richest musicians in the world.

“The 34-year-old pop star’s estimated net worth of $1.1 billion is derived from her lucrative blockbuster tour earnings, the value of her music catalog, and her real estate holdings.”

Beyoncé made nearly $24 million at a private performance in Dubai.

However, Beyoncé didn’t hold back when it came to earning millions of dollars from a string of private shows. Beyoncé is said to have received $24 million for her hour-long performance at the grand opening of the ‘Atlantis the Royal’ hotel in Dubai, according to a Forbes 2023 story. Beyoncé, who is reported to have earned $4,7 million, also performed at the 2018 pre-wedding event of Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, who is the ninth richest man in the world.

Jennifer Lopez reportedly made an incredible $2.8 million at an event hosted by Russian tycoon Andrei Melnichenko. Aerosmith was paid $2.9 million by former body armor tycoon David Brooks to play at his daughter’s birthday celebration. According to a 2011 Billboard article, Celine Dion received payment of between $8.5 million and $9.5 million for each private event that she performed at.