The “pregnant” woman may be seen in the video changing into an old guy.

We are constantly surprised by social media. Even a brief browse on Instagram may put a grin on your face if your workday is boring. Do you agree? We’ve now produced a video that is sure to make you laugh. The amazing metamorphosis of a “pregnant” woman is seen in the film. The story starts with the woman getting on the metro with a big luggage. She is wearing black jeggings and a long red blouse. She swiftly takes off her red top and busts a balloon that she had been using as a prop to be pregnant as she boards.

She is putting on cosmetics and hiding behind other passengers a few seconds later. It appears that some passengers are filming the whole thing.

Later in the video, the lady puts on prosthetic makeup. She wears a hat to go with the funny mask that has a gray mustache on it. She changes into a new outfit to complete the ensemble.

The woman can be seen laughing as she gets off the metro in the last scene of the video.

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A page called Fabiosa India posted the video on Facebook along with the remark, “What would make you change your look?” Online, the piece received more than 6 million views. Online users have responded to it in a variety of ways, with many using emojis to convey their laughter.

The amusing film brought back many memories of the moment when famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo pulled off a brilliant disguise as a destitute guy. In the video, Ronaldo could be seen doing tricks with a ball while wearing ragged clothing. He tries to pass the ball to people to get them involved. After a few people spoke with him, a small child ultimately chose to play with him.