With Kylie Jenner’s Khy, the Kardashian clan’s commercial income is growing once more. With the introduction of Khy, her own fashion line, the millionaire is entering the world of fashion with her entrepreneurial sisters. On October 24, Jenner gave the brand its first soft launch on Instagram while seated on a carpeted floor, dressed in a red Ferragamo pump and a black faux-leather trench coat. “Get to know Khy,” the caption said. In her post, which gained tens of thousands of followers in less than a day, Jenner tagged Khy’s official account.

Kylie Jenner's Fashion Venture

The WSJ Magazine characterises Khy’s debut collection as “the wardrobe of a biker babe during the apocalyptic — who happens to have internet access and a Pilates-toned body.” The brand was formally introduced on October 25. If we do say so ourselves, it’s quite a lively picture of what we’re about to receive.

Kylie Jenner has demonstrated a remarkable interest in fashion throughout the years. Even though, like her sister Kendall, she detested the concept of being a model, she has established herself as a mainstay in the fashion echo chamber after being well-known for donning Schiaparelli, Jean Paul Gaultier, and numerous other high-end labels. 

What is Khy?

The newest apparel collection by Kylie, called Khy, is an inexpensive luxury brand with a variety of exquisite pieces that retail for between $48 and $198 in the US. The collection is available in sizes ranging from four times extra big (4XL) to extra extra small (XXS).

According to a press release from the brand released on October 25, 2023, Kylie’s closet served as the primary source of inspiration for this new venture, which aims to push boundaries, inject some risk and fun into fashion, and upend the status quo in the world of style.

As a brand, Khy will respect originality and work with prominent people and high-end fashion designers. Naturally, the inspiration for this comes from all nations on the planet, and it comes in a range of enlarged sizes, from exceptionally little to very enormous. Additionally, Kylie’s clothing company will be releasing new collections and items on a regular basis this time around to give her enormous fan base a taste of the brand.

When will Khy by Kylie Jenner be launched?

On November 1, customers can purchase products under Kylie Jenner’s Khy brand at khy.com. 

Let’s Investigate The Meaning Of The Name “Khy”:

However, why did Kylie Jenner decide to call her new business “Khy”? It is believed to be a wordplay on Jenner’s moniker, “Ky.” It’s fascinating to note that adding a “h” to it represents spirituality, destiny, and good fortune.

The creative directors and founders of Namilia, Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, worked together to develop the brand’s debut collection, Khy. There are twelve styles in the capsule collection, which includes standout pieces like a dress that resembles a faux leather trench coat, slacks, blouses, coats, and basic layering pieces.

What supplies is Khy used for by Kylie Jenner?

Faux-leather items, like the long black trench coat Jenner is shown wearing in the first Instagram launch picture, will be included in the collection. “Base layers” made of nylon and elastane will also be present.

Size and Pricing 

Khy apparel will come in a range of inclusive sizes, from a US XXS to a 4X. This is consistent with the Good American and SKIMS brands owned by her sister.

As per WSJ Magazine, every item in the collection will cost less than $200, making it more affordable than what we had anticipated Jenner would favour.

What link does Khy have with the other Kardashian brands?

There are a few similarities between Khy and the other enterprises run by Kardashian family members, in addition to being supported by Kris Jenner and fronted by Kylie Jenner, much like the mogul’s beauty lines. Jenner received assistance from Emma Grede, an East London resident who is also a founding partner of SKIMS and co-founder of Good American, throughout the brand’s development and debut. It’s reasonable to think that the businesswoman, who collaborates closely with Kim and Khloe Kardashian on their individual apparel lines, will back Jenner as well.


What is Khy’s product price range?

Ans. Items from Khy can be purchased for as little as $48 and up to $198 in the US, covering a variety of pricing points. Khy is a cost-effective choice for individuals who like to add high-end clothing to their collections without going over budget thanks to its pricing policy.

What is the meaning behind the name Khy?

Ans. It’s thought that the name “Khy” is a pun on Kylie Jenner’s nickname, “Ky.” The letter “h” has been added to symbolise concepts of luck, destiny, and spirituality. It gives the brand’s identity a distinctive and significant touch.

What elements go into making a product from Khy?

Ans. Khy’s collection consists of “base layers” composed of nylon and elastane in addition to faux-leather pieces such as trench coats. These materials are used in the brand, adding to its comfort and unique flair.