Introduction: The Indian Film Industry’s Influence on Fashion and Beauty

Since its inception, the Indian film industry has exerted a strong influence upon the nation’s fashion and beauty landscape. From desiring Mumtaz’s curtains to the present day, when movie stars shape our choices for skincare, makeup, and clothing in every way possible. Stars will inevitably enter the market as a result and contribute to the enormous Indian market that these sectors have. 

How Indian Celebrities Are Redefining Beauty and Entrepreneurship-Glamorous Rise of SoEzI in India

Celebrity Business Ventures: Sonakshi Sinha’s SoEzi

Over the past ten years, we have witnessed celebrities become successful business owners who introduce new brands and product lines to the market. Sonakshi Sinha’s SoEzi, a press-on nail business that eliminates the time-consuming procedure of having extensions and art done on your nails and provides the same quality in a matter of minutes, is one such unusual and helpful brand that we were introduced to last year. Since its release, SoEzi has gained immense popularity among ladies who want to accessorise their nails with a little pizazz but don’t want to spend hours doing it. 

SoEzI in India

Shrishti Raai’s Journey: Discovery of Press-On Nails

The narrative begins when Shrishti Raai visited the United States of America and discovered press-on nails. She was curious because she had never tried them before. 

She searched the Indian market for the goods after she returned to India, but this time she had a very different experience.

“I was not happy with it because the quality was not up to par. The very following day, the process of developing a new product began since I wanted to worsen it, the woman claims. 

Collaboration with Sonakshi Sinha: The Turning Point

Additionally, Raai participated in House of Commons, an online creative platform founded by Sonakshi Sinha and her brothers, Kussh and Luv. 

When she came over to give Sinha a try on a couple of press-ons she had made, Sinha remembers, “I was completely sold.”

From Idea to Product: The Birth of SOEZI

The subsequent stages comprised idea testing, comprehension of the product, and secondary research. Following the same, in May 2022, they introduced SOEZI.

Balancing Acting and Business: Sonakshi Sinha’s Unexpected Entrepreneurship

Regarding being an entrepreneur, Sinha says that she has shocked herself on several occasions. 

“I had no idea that I could manage acting and business at the same time.” I had a lot on my plate when I was an actress, but it never felt like work because I enjoyed it at the time, she recalls.

Entrepreneurship and Gender Bias: Challenges Faced by Shrishti Raai

Raai is a lawyer by profession and a graduate of the University of Birmingham in England with a master’s in business management. She says that from a very young age, she had always desired to start her own business.

“Business has always been a part of my life. Our summers were always spent interning, even while we were still in school, and seeing the inner workings of a traditional firm from the ground up, she says. 

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Advice from the Entrepreneur

Raai is not immune to discrimination at work, like the majority of women. During the ideation stage of SOEZI, shareholders requested that she think about getting married and concentrate on starting a family. 

“There is high testosterone even in the major sectors.” Even in a boardroom, you are the minority member of a team. The entrepreneur goes on, “The glass ceiling is still very prevalent.” 

“I think that because they can’t tune that noise out, a lot of women give up on ever wanting to start their own business or pursue their passions. You must turn off the sound if you are having a vision, she advises.

How does she overcome the obstacles? fervour. She states, “This is what I know how to do and what I want to do.” 

“Keep your head up and power through” is Sinha’s secret. She also emphasises the value of independence. 

Because you don’t have to rely on anyone else to do your tasks, it relieves you of a lot of burdens, she claims.  

Age-related bias is another workplace prejudice that women discuss. Raai has encountered obstacles linked to the same once more, and she has occasionally given in to self-doubt. 

But I just persisted. In some ways, it is depressing that we must bear the brunt. And while I am at a loss as to why we must go through that additional round and consider the drawbacks, I think we are all in this together. It seems like it will eventually change, she says. 

Supporting Women in Their Careers: Addressing Dropouts

Additionally, the pair has seen that a large number of women in their early to mid-20s who work in the production phase tend to drop out. Their families forbid them from working, or they have to get married.  

“I am actively working on understanding how we can put out mini reforms in the company or how we can incentivize it, which will motivate them to fight that extra battle if this is what they want,” adds Raai.

Female-Led SOEZI: A Beacon of Women’s Strength

“I’m proud of SOEZI because it is an organisation led by women and all of our employees are women,” declares Sinha. It exudes female strength.

Encouragement for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Made that initial move. That’s arguably the most daunting and challenging aspect. However, I can assure you that once you take action, things will only get better. It’s never too late, too. That’s what we are led to believe. However, it is untrue. Srishti, for instance, has spent her entire life in the corporate world. Her age is only twenty-six. At the age of 35, I had a successful acting career before I entered it,” she suggests.

“Just hold on to yourself,” Raai continues. You must adhere to your goals if you know what they are. Additionally, we are capable of magic when we collaborate. Therefore, as beginning ladies, we need to encourage one another rather than become competitive.


  1. What is SoEzi, and what does it offer?

Ans. Sonakshi Sinha and Shrishti Raai are co-founders of SoEzi, a press-on nail company. It offers a quick and easy alternative to time-consuming nail art or nail extension processes for accessorising nails with beautiful designs.

  1. How does Sonakshi Sinha manage to juggle her acting career with her business endeavours?

Ans. Sonakshi Sinha says she’s been taken aback by her ability to juggle performing and business at the same time. She stresses that work doesn’t feel like a burden when one is excited about it.

  1. What does it mean that SoEzi is an organisation led by women?

Ans. Sonakshi Sinha emphasises how proud SoEzi is to be a female-led company with exclusively female staff. It is viewed as a representation of the power and empowerment of women.