In 2005, the Haryana State Government’s Ministry of Women and Child Development launched the Ladli Scheme with the goal of assisting women from the less fortunate segments of society. Subsequently, the program was introduced in Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, and the nation’s capital, Delhi. The program’s main goals were to increase the sex ratio in each of the aforementioned states and encourage the birth of female children.

Ladli Scheme: Eligibility, Benefits and Key Information

The Ladli Scheme’s Goal

The principal intention of the program was to raise public awareness of the issue of girl children. One state that still held the belief that having a girl kid brought bad luck to the family was Haryana. The state administration introduced the Ladli initiative in an effort to dispel this pervasive misconception. Under this program, the state’s female newborns would receive financial aid as well as excellent educational prospects.

Advantages Of The Ladli Scheme

Under the Ladli initiative, a family will receive ₹5,000 a year for a maximum of five years. This sum is saved in the mother of the girl child’s name under Kisan Vikas Patra. This sum is deducted annually and becomes withdrawable upon the girl’s eighteenth birthday. The money is given in two instalments if the girls are twins.

The girl kid receives this financial assistance regardless of her caste, creed, religion, or family income.

Eligibility Criteria For The Ladli Scheme

Girls who live in the states where the Ladli plan is offered can apply for it. But they must meet the following requirements:

  • Both the girl and her parents ought to live in the specified state. If not both parents, at least one parent of the girl child must reside in the state.
  • In order to qualify for the scheme, the family must have two female children.
  • Girls who were born on the day the program launched or before are eligible.
  • It is necessary to record the girl child’s birth.
  • It was required of the girl child to receive vaccinations in accordance with state laws.

Documents Required

The Ladli scheme form must be submitted with the following paperwork in order to register your girl child for the program:

  • Parents’ income certificate
  • Girl’s birth certificate
  • current passport-size pictures of a girl
  • Information about the mother’s bank account
  • Identity proof of parents/guardians
  • Address proof of parents/guardians

Different rules may apply to parents and/or guardians depending on the state. These are available in the Child Development offices of the State Government. The girl kid will not benefit from the program if the required paperwork is not submitted, as the application may be denied by the authorities. The parents or guardians may be requested by the authorities to provide documents different than those listed in routine situations; these documents must also be supplied in order to register for the program.

Where Can I Apply To Join The Ladli Scheme?

Applying offline is possible for the Ladli scheme. When submitting an application at one of the authorised locations specified by the state government, applicants must be in person. Typically, child development offices and life insurance offices have these forms available.