The lady warned people to “never trust Swiggy for their food needs” after posting about the “Swiggy scam” on Instagram.

A lady paid ₹150 for a cake she purchased from Swiggy to be delivered 1.8 miles away. She was dissatisfied with the company’s meal delivery service since, despite paying the expensive delivery cost, she never received the cake on schedule. She shared information about this “scam” on Instagram and cautioned others not to “never trust Swiggy for their food needs.” Swiggy got in touch with her after the video became viral, promising that it “won’t be repeated in future.”

After posting the video on Instagram, Swati Mukund said, “Swiggy India not cool at all!”

This isn’t what I anticipated of you, and it’s happened to me and a few other people I know. Sincerely, I’ve been a client—and a frequent one at that—but I suppose providing decent customer service or meals to consumers is off your menu these days,” she continued.

She went on to disclose the cost of her meal order, saying, “And I paid 150 rupees for delivery for a 1.8 km distance.”

View the video that Mukund posted here: 

Mukund revealed in the comments section of the video that Swiggy got in touch with her after it became popular. “Swiggy reached out to me, and I spoke with their senior representative,” the woman added. They’ve promised to educate their customer service agents properly and to ensure that neither I nor the other customers will experience this again. Along with addressing some of the grievances raised in the comments area, I also talked about how difficult it is for the average individual to contact and communicate with a reasonable person on their end. I’m hopeful that this will open the door to further improvements in service.

See the following reactions to this widely shared video:

“Yesterday, I placed two separate Swiggy meal orders. I had to wait an hour for both orders, and then they were cancelled without any explanation. Had to keep asking them for the return, like it was my fault,” one person said.

Another said, “This occurs frequently. Many thanks for sharing that.

“That was also my experience,” said a third.

“With Swiggy, it’s always the case,” remarked a fourth. This kind of trickery has also been pulled off on me several times, and each time they apologize and promise it won’t happen again.

Finally, a video addressing this has been created. This is the reason I have entirely stopped placing orders with them,” a fifth person commented.

“That’s why I prefer cas/pay on delivery,” said a sixth person.

Instagram users posted the video seven days ago. With over 10.2 million views since then, it has become viral. Have you ever encountered a similar circumstance when placing a Swiggy meal order?