The Vande Bharat Express train, which is traveling from Chennai to Mysuru, features 12 ladies performing a song in the video. A lot of individuals voiced their displeasure with the video.

A video of a group of women singing on the Vande Bharat Express train traveling from Chennai to Mysuru was posted by Southern Railways’ official X account. Southern Railways described it as a’symphony of the joy’ in the post’s caption. Nevertheless, internet users had different opinions shortly after the video became viral.

“On board the Chennai – Mysuru Vande Bharat Express, a symphony of delight! With their lovely vocals, these young girls transform their voyage into a joyful musical adventure. Witness the captivating moments,” Southern Railways captioned the photo.

A song is sung by twelve women in the video. A few are also spotted singing the song while glancing at their phones’ lyrics.

View the video by clicking this link: 

On March 12, this footage was made public. After going up, it has received over six lakh views. Additionally, the video received around 2,000 likes. Many individuals shared their thoughts in the post’s comments section.

See the responses that people had to it:

“How much extra do I have to pay to shut up such passengers creating a public nuisance?” a person wrote. Do you support this behavior? What happens if someone simply wants to snooze on this cutting-edge, noise-free train?”

Another added, “It’s really annoying.” They can get down and engage in group activities, or they can put on headphones and listen to their tune. If I am spending more to travel, I should be able to sleep soundly and listen to my favorite music on headphones. Don’t let this become the new normal.