An entrepreneur from New York revealed how his mother immigrated to the United States from India after applying covertly to a university and winning a scholarship. 

The X user Sahil Bloom, an entrepreneur located in New York, remarked, “My mom is an absolute legend.” He provided an insight into his mother’s life in his article. She left Bengaluru, India, and traveled to America in order to start a new life for herself and her family.

“Raised in Bangalore, India, where I was born. submitted a covert application for a scholarship to a US institution. arrived in 1980 with nothing on her credit record. Finished her master’s degree in two years and her undergraduate degree in two. I fell in love when I met an American boy. After 42 years of blissful marriage, they never miss an opportunity to kiss and mumble “I love you,” according to Bloom.

“I started and developed a small business, brought up two kids, and am currently a proud grandmother of two grandsons.” retains her youthful energy, love of parties, and cheeky nature. What a miserable existence. What a fucking legacy,” he said. In celebration of his mother’s birthday, he posted the message and concluded by saying, “Happy Birthday, Mama! Cheers to you.

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What were X users’ thoughts on this son’s post regarding his mother’s journey?

I hope you have a happy Mother’s Day! I appreciate you telling this tale. As an Indian, I find the narrative quite relevant. “She truly embodied the American dream,” one X user.

What an amazing woman. Cheers to Mom’s birthday and many, many more! exchanged another.

It was because of my foreign Stanford classmates that I established my current position. A third said, “They do such an amazing job of enhancing our campuses and culture.

A fourth person said, “Your mother’s journey is a testament to her resilience, ambition, and zest for life.”