“We would give ₹ 15,000 per year through ‘Thalliki Vandhanam’ to every student enrolled in school. ‘Aadabidda Nidhi’ would provide every lady with ₹ 1500 each month,” he declared.

Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh): Chandrababu Naidu, the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, pledged to give every woman ₹ 1500 per month, three free gas cylinders annually, and free transportation for women in state-operated RTC buses.

“We would give ₹ 15,000 per year through ‘Thalliki Vandhanam’ to every student enrolled in school. ‘Aadabidda Nidhi’ would provide ₹ 1500 per month to every lady. ‘Deepam Scheme’ would provide three free gas cylinders annually and free transport for women in RTC buses “Mr. Naidu stated this while addressing a public assembly in Kurnool, Haryana.

The leader of Telegu Desam expressed his strong support for women in the state by saying, “I am committed not only to the progress of the state but also to ensuring the security and future of women.”

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the supremo of the YSRCP and chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, criticized the TDP earlier on Saturday for its electoral promises, claiming that they were just meant to deceive voters into voting for them because the state’s budget could not carry them out.

“Chandrababu Naidu is coming back to deceive the people once more with Super Six and Super Ten. The TDP’s Super Six costs ₹ 1,21,619 crores a year,” Jagan said reporters, emphasizing that the exchequer cannot afford these expenses to carry out the party’s election pledges.

Prior to the state’s Assembly elections, the TDP made the following promise: “A new vision for Andhra Pradesh with Super Six guarantees.”The Super Six promises include ₹3,000 per month in unemployment benefits and the development of 20 lakh jobs for young people in the event that the TDP wins the election.

On May 13, there will be concurrent Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh. On June 4, the votes from both elections will be tallied.

With a coalition including the Jana Sena Party and the BJP, the main opposition party TDP will challenge the YSRCP in power.

There are 25 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh. The YSRCP gained a landslide majority of 151 seats in the 2019 Assembly elections, while the TDP was limited to 23 seats. The TDP was only able to get three seats in the Lok Sabha elections, whereas the YSRCP secured 22 seats.