In response to trolls who were attacking Prachi Nigam’s facial hair, the UP Board Class 10 topper chose to emphasize her marks. She conveyed her dissatisfaction at encountering trolls in spite of her scholastic achievements. 

Prachi Nigam, who placed first in Class 10 of the UP Board with a score of 98.5%, was subjected to internet abuse because of her facial hair. In response, she has now said that she is unaffected by the trolls’ remarks since her academics, not her facial hair, are what really count. She did, however, also voice her dissatisfaction and say that if she had received less points, it would have been.

She stated, “It didn’t bother me much when I saw that people were trolling me,” in a recent interview with BBC News Hindi. Not my facial hair, but my markings matter.”

“My picture went viral when the UP results were announced, and a lot of people trolled me.”

She also expressed her gratitude to everyone who came to her aid. “There were those who were in favor of me at the same time. I would want to express my gratitude to everyone.

“I accept who God has made me to be. It doesn’t matter to those who believe there is a difference. Chanakya was the target of trolling, but he didn’t care. In a same vein, I don’t give a damn and will concentrate on my education,” she said to BBC News Hindi.

She continued, saying, “I would not have topped and become famous if I had a few fewer marks.” That could have been a better option. I have been dealing with this for a long time, therefore I don’t really care about the circumstances. People find it strange when they see girls with hair since they have never seen this before.”

Prachi’s mother, Mamta, expressed her regret to BBC News Hindi over her daughter’s online harassment. She remarked, “I felt horrible when others made fun of her. Several people made negative remarks about her. We advised Prachi not to give it much thought.”

Who are the toppers of UP Board Classes 10 and 12?

Prachi Nigam scored 591 points.

Deepika Sonkar received a 590 grade.

Dipanshi Singh Sengar, Navika Singh, and Swati Singh each received 588 marks.

With a remarkable 97.80%, Sitapur resident Shubham Verma has secured the top spot in the Class 12 or Intermediate test. With 500 possible points, the student has received 489.

With a score of 488/500, Vishu Chaudhary, Kajal Singh, Raj Verma, Kashish Maurya, Charli Gupta, and Sujata Pandey were ranked second.

With a score of 487/500, Sheetal Verma, Kashish Yadav, Aaditya Kumar Yadav, Anksha Vishvakarma, and Palak Singh placed third.