The 12-year-old girl killed herself by hanging after her favorite dog passed away a few days prior. The family claims that she has been incredibly tense ever then, according to the official.

Just a few days after losing her favorite dog, a 12-year-old girl in Haryana committed herself on Saturday. Her mother claims that she had given up eating five days earlier, following the death of her dog.

When the mother of the Class 6 student was discovered hanging, she promptly notified the authorities, as per an NDTV report.

The youngster had been incredibly nervous ever since her dog died, according to the story, which quoted a police officer investigating the tragedy.

A twelve-year-old girl hung herself after learning that her favorite dog had passed just a few days prior. The family claims that ever since, she has been really tense,” the official stated.

The cherished dog of the girl’s family had died only five days prior, according to her relatives. She had been his friend for three months, and when he passed away, she was obviously upset.

In addition, the girl’s relatives stated that she was acting depressed and wouldn’t eat.

Even with efforts to comfort her, the 12-year-old’s sorrow appeared unbreakable.

The 12-year-old was left alone at home last evening while the mother and the girl’s sibling went on a normal grocery shopping excursion, according to the NDTV story. Emotions taking over, the girl made the decision to take her own life.

The mother of the dead revealed the specifics of her daughter’s last days. She described the 12-year-old’s deep attachment for her animal companion and how his passing had left her inconsolable.

For the last three months, she had been raising a puppy. Five days ago, he passed away, and she stopped eating,” the mother claimed.

“When I had gone to buy vegetables, I received a call from my neighbours asking me to come home quickly as my daughter had died,” she stated.