Following the global social media release of Deepfake videos featuring Alia Bhatt and Rashmika Mandanna, there was much outcry against the improper use of technology and the lack of legal protections. The most recent victim of the same is none other than Priyanka Chopra, the Desi Girl of Bollywood.

The internet is circulating a doctored video of Priyanka Chopra in an interview for a company promotion.

In contrast to other actresses featured in comparable videos, Priyanka maintains her natural face features, giving the impression of genuineness. But since a fake corporate endorsement has taken the place of her voice and actual lyrics, it looks like she’s lip-syncing.

Priyanka appears to be revealing her yearly salary in the manipulated footage, which gives the advertisement a contentious edge.

A video featuring Alia Bhatt’s altered visage has previously gone viral on social media. In the video, a new woman is seen sitting on the bed with Alia Bhatt’s face superimposed over hers. In the video, a girl waves to the camera while sporting a blue floral, strappy co-ord set that features Alia’s face.

A deepfake video purporting to be of Bollywood actress Kajol appeared online just a few days ago. In the video, a lady was shown changing clothing while having Kajol’s visage photo-shopped onto her body.

There is a deepfake of Katrina Kaif’s action scene from Tiger-3 that shows her fighting another woman when they are both wearing towels. The edited video gives the scene a fictitious touch while highlighting the dangers and repercussions that can arise from using technology improperly to change visual content.