The beauty industry has changed a lot lately because of online stores. They’ve made it easier for people to find and buy makeup and other personal care stuff.

Three companies are leading this change,  Purplle, Beautylish, and Nykaa. They’re like big players in a game, making shopping for beauty products different. These companies use fancy technology and smart ideas to make shopping fun and easy.

Let’s talk about who started them, how they work, how much they’re worth, and who’s giving them money to grow.

FoundersManish Taneja, Rahul DashNils JohnsonFalguni Nayar
Year Founded201220102012
LocationIndiaUnited StatesIndia
Business ModelAI-Powered Beauty ProductsPremium Beauty ProductsOmni-channel Beauty Retail
Valuation$330 millionNot disclosed$13 billion
InvestorsGoldman Sachs, Verlinvest, Blume Ventures, JSW VenturesNot disclosedTPG Growth, Fidelity, Steadview Capital, Lighthouse Funds

Purplle: AI-Powered Platform for Affordable and Luxury Beauty Products in India

Purplle is a company that started in 2012 to help people in India easily find and buy beauty products. The founders, Manish Taneja and Rahul Dash, wanted to make beauty products available to everyone, no matter their budget. They created a place where both fancy and inexpensive brands could be found, so everyone could find something they like.

Business Model: Purplle sells a wide range of beauty products, from fancy brands to cheaper ones. What makes them different is they use smart computer technology (called AI) to suggest products personalized for each person and let them virtually try on makeup online. People in India really like this mix of lots of choices and cool technology, which has helped Purplle grow.

Valuation and Investor Interest: Purplle’s innovative strategies and notable market performance have garnered substantial attention from investors. As of 2024, the company boasts an impressive valuation of $330 million. Purplle’s growth trajectory has been facilitated by the support of esteemed investors including Goldman Sachs, Verlinvest, Blume Ventures, and JSW Ventures, underscoring robust confidence from both domestic and international venture entities.

Beautylish: Pioneering Exclusivity and Elevating Luxury

Established in 2010 under the visionary leadership of Nils Johnson, Beautylish has distinguished itself within the beauty e-commerce sector through its commitment to meticulously curating a collection of premium beauty products tailored for a discerning global clientele.

Business Model Overview: At the heart of Beautylish’s operational ethos lies a strategic approach centered on fostering collaborations with niche and luxury beauty brands. This distinctive strategy enables Beautylish to offer a distinctive array of products that are not readily available elsewhere in the market. Augmented by an unwavering dedication to unparalleled customer service and an immersive online shopping experience, Beautylish has successfully cultivated a dedicated community of beauty enthusiasts who seek out exclusive, high-quality items.

Valuation and Investors: While specific details regarding Beautylish’s valuation remain undisclosed to the public, it is widely speculated by industry analysts to be competitively positioned within the niche, high-end beauty market segment. Although the intricacies of the company’s investment landscape are not extensively publicised, its consistent trajectory of growth and expansion strongly suggests substantial backing from private investors aligned with its upscale business strategy.

Nykaa: The Unstoppable Beauty Brand

Founded in 2012 by Falguni Nayar, a former investment banker with a visionary ambition, Nykaa embarked on a mission to establish a comprehensive beauty retail empire in India. Since its inception, Nykaa has showcased a trajectory characterized by exceptional growth and innovation.

Business Model: Nykaa’s operational strategy revolves around offering an extensive array of beauty products spanning from luxury to mass-market brands, employing an omni-channel approach. By seamlessly integrating its online platform with a network of physical stores, Nykaa ensures a cohesive and convenient shopping experience for its clientele. This strategic fusion of digital and brick-and-mortar presence has been instrumental in propelling Nykaa’s expansion and solidifying its prominence as a leading force within the Indian beauty market.

Valuation and Investors: Nykaa’s remarkable success is underscored by an impressive valuation exceeding $13 billion, reflecting its substantial influence and scale within the beauty sector. The company’s journey has been significantly bolstered by the support of prominent investors including TPG Growth, Fidelity, Steadview Capital, and Lighthouse Funds, among others. Nykaa’s successful initial public offering (IPO) in 2021 served as a pivotal moment, further enhancing its public visibility and financial standing.

Purplle Vs Beautylish Vs Nykaa: Competitive Positioning and Market Strategy

In the realm of beauty industry disruption, three major players stand out for their distinct strategies and market positioning, allowing them to coexist and flourish within their respective spheres.

Market Presence: Purplle and Nykaa demonstrate a profound understanding of the Indian market, serving a broad spectrum of consumers across various income brackets. In contrast, Beautylish, headquartered in the U.S., targets a global clientele that prioritizes exclusivity and top-tier quality.

Technological Innovation: Purplle’s strategic investment in AI technology and personalized shopping experiences distinguishes it within the Indian market, offering advanced solutions for customers seeking tailored recommendations and virtual try-on capabilities. Nykaa, conversely, focuses on seamlessly integrating its online and physical retail channels to provide a holistic consumer journey. Beautylish places a premium on a user-friendly online interface and exceptional customer service to elevate the luxury shopping experience.

Product Range and Exclusivity: Nykaa and Purplle adopt a wide-ranging product strategy to capture significant market shares, catering to both budget-conscious consumers and those seeking high-end luxury brands. In contrast, Beautylish’s approach revolves around exclusive offerings and partnerships with upscale, niche brands, appealing to a discerning segment of beauty enthusiasts in search of premium and elusive products.

 Purplle Vs Beautylish Vs Nykaa: Strategic Insights

The strategic direction of each company is intricately moulded by the vision of its founders and bolstered by the support of its investors, thereby shaping its market strategies and potential for growth.

Purplle’s strategic positioning in the Indian market is characterized by a fusion of advanced technology and a diverse range of product pricing, bolstered by AI-driven personalization. This strategic blend positions Purplle as a leading contender, appealing to a wide spectrum of consumers.

Nykaa’s strategic advantage lies in its omni-channel approach, seamlessly integrating a robust online platform with a network of physical stores. Combined with an expansive array of brands spanning various price ranges, Nykaa has successfully garnered a significant market share within the Indian beauty industry.

Beautylish, distinguished by its niche focus on premium exclusivity and unwavering commitment to superior customer service, has cultivated a dedicated global following among discerning consumers seeking rare, high-quality beauty products.


In conclusion, the beauty industry has witnessed significant evolution driven by the emergence of online platforms, with Purplle, Beautylish, and Nykaa emerging as prominent players in this transformation. Each company has carved out a distinct niche within the market, leveraging unique strategies to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers.