Since its premiere, Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal has been a box office hit. Nonetheless, the movie has drawn criticism for its representation of morally reprehensible individuals, dysfunctional masculinity, and demeaning portrayals of women. 

After the movie had been in theatres for a week, Rashmika Mandanna, who plays the lead female character, Geetanjali, posted a lengthy comment on her character. In the movie, Rashmika plays Ranbir Kapoor’s love interest and eventual bride. Rashmika posted a few pictures taken on the Animal sets. In one, she is seen examining the monitor alongside Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the director. Rashmika, Ranbir, and the director are seen in another. 

Rashmika wrote, “Gitanjali,” at the top of her note. She is the only thing keeping her family together at home, if I were to sum her up in one sentence. She is raw, strong, unadulterated, true, and pure. Being an actress, I would occasionally disagree with some of Gitanjali’s decisions. And I still recall my director telling me that this was the narrative of Ramanvijay and Gitanjali; their families, lives, love, and passion—this was who they were.

Rashmika went on, “Gitanjali would provide peace, trust, and quiet in a world full of all violence, hurt, and unimaginable sorrow. She would ask her gods to protect her family, including her husband. She was the rock that survived every adversity.For the benefit of her family, she would stop at nothing. I think Gitanjali is really attractive, and she is similar to most women in that she stands firm and defends her family every day.”

With these remarks, Rashmika concluded the note: “Happy one week to us #Animal team. Guys. I appreciate all of your love; it motivates me to keep going and put forth more effort with each new movie. Hugs to all of you as well.” 

Rashmika Mandanna says of animal character Geetanjali

Rashmika thanked her followers on social media a few days ago for their unwavering love and support of the movie in another post. “Thank you all so so much for the love you are showing towards our film #Animal,” Rashmika wrote in the caption. I hope we brought you all great joy and pride. If you’ve heard of #Animalpark, then go see it in a theatre near you and have fun. If not, please do so.” Look at this:

Rashmika has been getting appreciation for the role she played in Animal. “Rashmika, you are so, so beautiful and honest in the film,” wrote Alia Bhatt on her behalf. I loved you in that scene, as I told you in person; it was very wonderful and motivating. Acknowledging the #Crushmika club in full.” Rashmika Mandanna responded to Alia Bhatt’s shout-out on her Instagram story by writing, “Alia Bhatt, big big hugs yaa.” I cherish you.” 

Rashmika’s Animal performance, according to Allu Arjun, is her “best so far.” Rashmika thanked her Pushpa co-star for that in response. This is Allu Arjun’s complete Animal post: “Animal is simply amazing. Absurdly impressed by the cinematic mastery. Best wishes! Indian cinema performances are now on an entirely new level because of Ranbir Kapoor ji. Very motivating. I really don’t know how to describe the enchantment you’ve worked. To the utmost degree, my sincere respects. Mandanna Rashmika, Magnificent and captivating! Dear, you have yet to give a better performance than this one. Allu Arjun remarked, “Bobby Deol ji’s powerful performance silences us,” in tribute to Bobby Deol.