American businessman Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sexual offender, was detained in New York City on a number of accusations, including conspiracy to participate in sexual trafficking and sex trafficking. Prior to his trial, Esptein was denied bail, and on August 10, 2019, he passed away in his Metropolitan Correctional Center detention cell while awaiting trial. The NY City medical examiner and the Inspector General of the Justice Department determined that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Nearly five years after his passing, Jeffrey Epstein is making headlines once more due to the opening of the case’s court files. According to prosecution documents, Jeffrey Epstein had relationships with A-list celebrities like Prince Andrew of Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bill Clinton. Learn everything there is to know about the Jeffrey Epstein Case, including key criminal facts.

Jeffrey Epstein: Who Is He?

As previously stated, in August of 2019, American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sexual offender, committed suicide while awaiting prosecution for sex trafficking allegations. Born and raised in New York, Jeffrey Epstein worked as a maths and physics teacher at a private school in the middle of the 1970s. After beginning his career in 1982 as a partner at Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns, he founded his own company, J Epstein and Co.

Jeffrey Epstein: What Did He Do?

Jeffrey Epstein was notorious for being a sexual offender in addition to being a financier. The 14-year-old girl’s parents reported Jeffrey Epstein to the Florida police in 2005, alleging that their daughter had been assaulted. In 2007, the case against Jeffrey Epstein progressed through the courts when authorities discovered pictures of girls all throughout the Palm Beach mansion where the teen had allegedly been assaulted. Instead of facing federal accusations that may have resulted in life imprisonment, Epstein was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He was allowed to work 12 hours a day, six days a week, during his prison sentence under a program known as “work release.” After 13 months, he was released on probation.

Following his private jet flight return to Paris on July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody. Prosecutors reportedly sought the forfeiture of his New York residence, the scene of some of his alleged crimes. Jeffrey Epstein had consistently denied any misconduct and entered a not guilty plea to the charges. Among the many A-list celebrities he interacted closely with were Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton.


A number of well-known figures, including Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, former US presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, former US first lady Hillary Clinton, and renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, are mentioned in court documents connected to US financier and infamous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 

The first list of about 150 individuals was made public on Wednesday by a New York judge’s order, and it includes the names of Epstein’s friends in a 2015 lawsuit filed against Ghislaine Maxwell, his ex-girlfriend. 

The identities of those on the second list of court records connected to Epstein were made public on Thursday night, and the names on the third list were made public on Friday.