In a shocking report, Matthew Perry is accused of violently abusing several women, including his ex-fiance Molly Hurwitz.

Hurwitz, 32, did not respond to requests for comment from The Post on Wednesday. However, the Daily Mail was informed by individuals close to the late “Friends” actress that Perry “threw a coffee table” at Hurwitz in 2021 when she confronted him about infidelity.

Matthew Perry Accused of Physical Assault and Destructive Behaviour Towards Women: Report

After learning that Perry had purchased a sentimental present for Kate Haralson, whom he had met on the dating service Raya, the literary talent manager allegedly approached Perry.

The sources claimed that “he threw a coffee table at her and told her that she was crazy.” “He had severe abandonment issues and hated that she had dumped him.”

The source went on, “The man the world saw and the man those close to him knew were two very different people.”

Hurwitz and Perry began dating in 2018 and subsequently became engaged. Perry ended his engagement to Hurwitz in 2021 as part of their decision to split. Perry stated in a statement at the time, “Sometimes things just don’t work out and this is one of them,” PEOPLE reported.

At first, it was said that Perry’s flirtations with 19-year-old Kate Haralson on the dating app Raya caused the couple to split up. Sources, however, assert that Hurwitz actually called it quits on the romance long ago after they quarrelled on Valentine’s Day over a sentimental gift he had purchased for someone else he had met on a dating app. The sources claimed that “he threw a coffee table at her and told her that she was crazy.” “He had severe abandonment issues and hated that she had dumped him.”

According to Perry’s story, he proposed to Hurwitz while he was in a recovery centre and then forgot about it. Perry wrote, “I was desperate that she would leave me, so I bought her a ring,” omitting Hurtwitz’s name. “During COVID, I didn’t want to be this hurt and by myself. When I proposed to her, I had taken 1,800 milligrams of hydrocodone. I had even requested the approval of her family.

Perry claimed he was astonished to learn he was engaged and living with her after returning to Los Angeles and becoming sober. He writes, “I was slowly starting to realise that I lived with a woman and two dogs, and that I was engaged.” It goes without saying that I wasn’t prepared for any of this. Do you reside with me? We cohabit together?”

“The full nine yards, the title of a movie I did once, is what we have chosen for the kids’ names? “Recall that when you got down on one knee to pop the question, it really hurt your stomach?”

Hurwitz stated on Instagram following Perry’s passing that she “knew that man in a very different way.” “I loved him more than I could have ever imagined, yet he was complex and hurt me in ways I had never experienced before. There is no one who has influenced me more deeply in my adult life than Matthew Langford Perry. She added, “Matty, I feel relief that you are at peace. I have tremendous gratitude for that and for everything I learned from our relationship,” towards the end of her letter.