A startling event occurred when an American woman claimed to have gotten a vial of blood with her Shein order. In a video that she uploaded on YouTube and TikTok, Anna Elliott described this strange and possibly hazardous experience. Elliott claimed to have received a blood vial in place of the garments she had ordered from the fast fashion retailer. According to Elliott, the vial contained “no date, no doctor’s office, and no name.” Nevertheless, she managed to contact the laboratory that took the blood sample. She was informed that the testing company was also taken aback when she got in touch with them.

Elliott stated in her video, “The woman from the testing firm stated they are attempting to locate it. She added that not only was it badly handled, but they don’t even provide blood to the locals. They exclusively transfer blood between medical professionals.” Elliott reported that the occurrence was reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as soon as possible, and that the CDC classified it as a possible biohazard. Since then, a report on the issue has been filed by the public health authorities.

woman orders clothing from Shein, but receives a vial of blood and beans instead

The Tennessee resident also reported the same to the sheriff’s office in her community. The blood vial was gathered by Sheriff’s office officers. One YouTube viewer commented on her video, saying, “That’s insane! How on earth could they screw things this badly? I’m relieved that you were unharmed and that the police are investigating. I hope they manage to identify the culprit.”

Elliott claimed in a different video that was uploaded on March 13 that the police informed her that they would not be testing the vial or looking into its origins. Elliott stated that the police will probably discard the blood vial since it is improbable that the CDC will directly step in and force the police to test the blood sample.