In Herman Park, next to the Houston Zoo in Texas, a woman was shot by a security guard. A dispute between a man and a woman over a parking space at the Houston Zoo resulted in the shooting. On Friday, the argument turned into a heated exchange. The man was then allegedly struck by the woman in front of zoo security personnel.

She also attempted to step in during the police’s attempts to defuse the situation. The woman is said to have been angry with the man—whose identity is unknown—before hitting another security guard with her automobile. She attacked the Park’s security when there were four children inside at the time.

The security guard there fired several shots in the direction of the suspect’s automobile in an attempt to stop the woman from leaving the crime scene. One of the bullets impacted the automobile and continued to hit the woman as it attempted to prevent her from leaving the area.

The security guard struck by the automobile was also hurt, according to the Houston police. The woman and the guard were then brought to a local hospital. They are currently undergoing care at the hospital facility and are said to be in a stable condition.