An award has been given to a community project that helps women secure a better future for themselves and their kids. Reading, Berkshire’s Alana House is a women-only facility operated by the nonprofit organization PACT.Since 2010, the center has offered outreach assistance to women who have committed crimes but were frequently traumatized as children around the county.

The Robin Corbett Award (RCA) has now been given to the prisoner rehabilitation program.

Since its founding, Alana House has grown to provide assistance to women with complicated or numerous needs.

Following the service’s RCA victory, £5,000 will be awarded.

In acknowledgment of the significant work of their women’s community project Alana House, PACT’s Natausha van Vliet said: “We are deeply honored to receive the Robin Corbett Award. Part of our transformative work includes embedding support workers in custody suites and courts to provide women with holistic and therapeutic support.” Ultimately, this strategy keeps women out of the criminal justice system.

Lady Val Corbett founded the prize in memory of her late husband, Lord Robin Corbett, who served as the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Penal Affairs Group.

The Prison Reform Trust’s director, the former head of London Prisons, the president of the Prison Governors Association, and other professionals in the field served as judges for the prize.

The “highest standard” applications were submitted for the prizes this year, according to Lady Corbett.