Farah El Kadhi, an influencer, was brought to a hospital in Malta and died, according to sources.

A Tunisian beauty influencer died of a suspected heart attack while onboard a boat during a trip in Malta. Farah El Kadhi’s unexpected demise has startled her followers and the internet community. She was 36.

According to authorities, El Kadhi was transported to a hospital in Malta and died there. According to her Instagram account, in addition to creating beauty and leisure videos, she worked as an architect for a private business.

During her visit to the central Mediterranean European country, she promoted many products.

The influencer allegedly received no obvious injuries. A post-mortem will be performed, according to the Malta-based publication’s article.

Her final Instagram post came on June 7th, at a restaurant in Mykonos, Greece. She referred to herself as a “travel addict” and a bathroom singer.

In her earlier post from Italy, she stated, “I can spend my life eating spaghetti alle vongole o al pomodoro, drinking prosecco, wearing Prada, and singing Eros Ramazzoti’s songs.”

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Friends and followers were startled by Farah El Kadhi’s abrupt demise.

Farah El Kadhi was a “truly wonderful person, known for her kindness, generosity, and warmth,” Soulayma Hneynia, a Tunisian influencer working in Malta, stated.

“Her positive spirit touched everyone who had the privilege of knowing her.”

According to the influencer, El Kadhi passed away “peacefully in her sleep.” El Kadhi’s final Instagram post received a plethora of messages and tributes from fans. “No words. May your memory be eternal,” Eddie Fadel, president and CEO at Hyatt International Realty, wrote. Elena Larrea, an Instagram influencer and animal rights activist, passed away in March of this year from a blood clot that resulted from liposuction.