With the country’s socioeconomic fabric changing, more and more women are leaving their homes in pursuit of work in large cities, as well as urban and rural industrial clusters. One of the most significant challenges these women encounter is a shortage of secure and accessible housing. 

Working Women Hostel Scheme

Concerned about the difficulties faced by such working women, the Government of India introduced a scheme in 1972-73 of grant-in-aid for the construction of new/expansion of existing buildings for providing hostel facilities to working women in cities, smaller towns, and rural areas where employment opportunities for women exist.


The scheme’s goal is to encourage the provision of safe and conveniently placed housing for working women, with daycare facilities for their children, in urban, semi-urban, and even rural locations where job opportunities for women exist. The plan provides financial assistance for initiatives including the construction of new hostel buildings, the extension of existing hostel structures, and the establishment of hostels in leased premises.

Working women’s hostel initiatives supported by this plan must be made accessible to all working women without regard to caste, religion, marital status, or other factors, according to the scheme’s guidelines. While the initiatives supported by this plan are intended for working women, women in job training may be housed in such dormitories according to availability.


  • Working women who do not live in the same city/area as their spouse or immediate family.
  • Women undergoing employment training for a period of no more than one year
  • The monthly consolidated gross income should not exceed 50,000 in the metropolitan area and 35,000 in other cities.


Working Women (single, widowed, married, divorced, separated)

Required Documents:

  • Duly fill in the application form along with a certificate from the employer with all the details of the gross salary, including allowances.
  • Medical Certificate from a registered practitioner
  • Identity Proof (PAN/Driving Licence/Pass Port/ Any other valid document issued by Government)
  • Passport-size photographs