On Friday, President Droupadi Murmu praised the efforts made by the female officers of the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) and encouraged young women to be inspired by them and seek careers in the military.

Additionally, she awarded the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) the “President’s Colour” in recognition of their exceptional medical contributions to the armed forces.

“I’m glad to hear that a large number of female cadets who attended AFMC went on to earn high positions and make important contributions to the field of armed forces medicine. She addressed the assembly of military medical services workers, saying, “They can draw inspiration from Air Marshal Padma Bandopadhyay (retd) and Lt Gen Punit Arora (retd), the first female three-star rank officer.

The AFMC’s Capt Devashish Sharma Kirti Chakra Parade Ground served as the venue for the colour transfer event. Another name for the “President’s Colour” is “Rashtrapati Ka Nishaan,” which is the highest decoration given to a military unit. Following an interfaith recitation of sacred passages by clergy from the Christian, Sikh, Muslim, and Hindu religions, the ceremony was held.

Four female medical officers led four AFMS personnel contingents in the ceremonial march, demonstrating the advancement of women in the armed forces. She said, “We are witnessing AI, precision medicine, 3D printing, telemedicine and other technologies in the field of medicine.”

According to her, AFMS should make sure that every employee receives the best possible medical care. According to President Murmu, the AFMC is known for providing medical education of the “highest standard” among educational establishments. “The graduates of this institute have made the nation proud through their dedicated service in the face of war, counter-insurgency operations, natural calamities, and pandemic, both at home and beyond our national boundaries.” Additionally, she provided a virtual opening for the ‘Prajna’ Armed Forces Centre for Computational Medicine.