Three months ago, a family from Kannur received a challan that included an enigmatic photo. Finally, Kerala’s Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has provided an explanation for the situation. The 17-year-old kid of the couple was actually the enigmatic woman sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. In addition to the man and lady in the front of the automobile, the image on the Challan also featured an unusual woman in the back seat, which sparked debate.

17-Year-Old Boy Identified as Mystery Figure in Kannur Surveillance Footage

The couple was in the front seat and their two kids, who were ten and seventeen years old, were in the back on the day of the incident. The image first surfaced on a challan notice that was sent out based on footage captured on October 3 at 8:27 p.m. by an MVD AI (artificial intelligence) surveillance camera that was positioned close to the overbridge in Payyanur town. The driver and the passenger in the front seat did not have seat belts, which presented a challenge. The owner of the car then paid the fine.

Following the image’s widespread distribution, the Kannur Enforcement RTO (regional transport officer) filed a complaint with the DSP (deputy superintendent of police) in Payyanur, asking for an investigation into the matter.

The 17-year-old boy who was riding in the car is the real person pictured in the photo, according to an explanation letter written by Enforcement RTO C U Mujeeb following the investigation. In addition, MVD stated that this note was the reason the case was closed.

The illusionary image was first thought to be the product of a technical glitch that reflected the woman’s reflection in the front seat or the appearance of a fresh photo overlaying an earlier one, according to the authorities.