The ex-model’s body was found in a canal in Tohana by Haryana police, marking a significant development in the Divya Pahuja murder investigation. In Gurugram, Pahuja was allegedly shot and killed by Abhijeet Singh, the hotel owner. He is accused of dragging the body into a car with two other people and dumping it in Patiala.

Police claim that Pahuja, 27, was murdered because she was allegedly using the hotel owner’s “obscene pictures” as a form of blackmail to extract money from him.

Balraj Gill was detained by Gurugram police on Thursday at the airport in Kolkata. He dumped his car next to the bus stop and ran away from Patiala. Gurugram Police declared on January 5 that it had found the vehicle purportedly used to dispose of the former model’s body.

“A surveillance camera filmed the vehicle parked close to the toll plaza. We discovered that the car was being driven in the direction of Patiala. stated the reports.

Body of Ex-Model Divya Pahuja Found in Canal

The reports further added “As previously said, Karan Singh, a constable of the Gurugram Police’s incident Branch, “We were attempting to track down the vehicle that was used in the crime.” In addition to this, there are more details to the case.

Additionally, Abhijeet Singh (56), the proprietor of the City Point Hotel in Sector 14, where Pahuja was killed, and two hotel employees, Omprakash and Hemraj, who assisted him in moving the body, were taken into custody last week.

Megha, the woman, is a delivery professional who lives in Delhi’s Najafgarh neighborhood’s Mitraon Extension, according to the police. Varun Dahiya, ACP (Crime), claimed that Abhijeet was a friend from long ago. She admitted under questioning that she had reportedly assisted him in getting rid of the deceased’s personal effects and papers as well as the weapon used in the murder.

Divya’s sister Naina had previously claimed that a woman was also there during the murder in her lawsuit. “It is clear that a lady with (short hair) and wearing a black and white sweater is also involved in the murder case,” the lawsuit had alleged.

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