At a show of hope, nine-year-old Gazan news writer Lama Jamous does an interesting talk with Al-Jazeera’s head in Gaza, Wael Al Dahdouh. In the talk, Al-Dahdouh talks about what is happening now in Gaza and gives his thoughts on what might happen later. Al-Dahdouh carefully talks to people all over the world about how things are in Gaza. He explains it clearly and slowly so everyone can understand.

Lama’s Journey into Journalism:

Lama Jamous, who is from the lively city of Ramallah, showed deep interest since she was little. Her curious nature made her very interested in the world around. This led to an early love for what’s happening and news right now.

Seeing Lama’s growing love, her parents and teachers helped her follow what she likes. Lama’s first steps into writing news started when she began to make simple reports at home. With a toy mic in her hand, she started talking to family members for the first time. This began her trip into becoming a reporter.

Word got around fast about Lama’s amazing skills in her town, getting the notice of local news stations. Many media groups in Palestine wanted to help young people and share different views, so they asked Lama for help. They gave her a chance as a junior reporter.

Even though she is young, Lama Jamous has quickly done many different local stories. These range from community things to talking with important people in Palestine. Her unique view and real excitement let her build a bond with people that goes beyond age groups.

Lama Jamous : Janna Jihad’s Impactful Video Productions and Interviews

In her video making, she sometimes talks with other kids escaping from the Israeli bombing. In addition, she has talked to prominent older reporters like Wael al-Dahdouh. In one of her video parts, she calls the person she is talking to “Uncle” Wael and asks him to send a message for everyone around the world. Amazingly, she is the youngest journalist in Gaza. It reminds us of 2016 when Janna Jihad and her cousin Ahed Tamimi told news stories from Nabi Saleh.

Navigating Challenges and Finding Inspiration:

As a youthful news person, Lama meets some special problems. Still, she tackles them with great strength and cheerfulness. She knows how important it is to stay up-to-date and believes her success came from the continuous help of her family, teachers, and local people.

Lama’s promise to share news correctly and helpful shows her grown-up knowledge about how media can shape public talks. Her special way of seeing things, along with a true wish to make a real difference, makes her stand out among young reporters.

Lama as an Inspirational Figure:

In a time when information is very important, Lama Jamous shows she’s an inspiration. She proves that you don’t need to be old to follow your dreams and help spread knowledge around. While the youngest news reporter in Palestine, Lama will definitely make her mark. She shows what young people can do to shape stories about our world together.

Lama Jamous has become a source of encouragement not just for new journalists but also for people chasing their interests no matter how old they are. Her story is a sad reminder that with love, willpower, and help from others.


In a world where knowing things is very important, Lama Jamous becomes an inspiration for people who want to be journalists or do something they love. It doesn’t matter how old you are. As the youngest news reporter in Palestine, Lama is ready to make a lasting impact on her job.

She follows in the footsteps of those who came before her like Janna Jihad. Her story shows us how, with love and determination we can get help from the people around us. This makes it possible for individuals to face difficulties and add value together in our world’s big group story. Lama Jamous, with her amazing trip, keeps inspiring and pushing others to chase their goals really hard.


1. What made Lama want to be a news reporter?

From a young age, Lama’s curiosity about the world led her to love news and what was going on around us. Her family and teachers supported her. She started making basic reports at home, using a toy microphone to talk with her family members. This was the start of her trip into journalism.

2. What problems has Lama had as a young news reporter, and how does she get past them?

As a young reporter, Lama faces special problems. But, she tackles them with courage and happiness. Lama says her success is because of constant help from her family, teachers and local community. Even with these difficulties, she still wants to tell the news correctly and in a way that matters.

3. How does Lama Jamous get ideas from Janna Jihad and her cousin Ahed Tamimi?

Lama’s story is like the big news by Janna Jihad and Ahed Tamimi in 2016. Lama, like the ones before her, talks in interviews. This includes discussions with kids hurt by fighting and meeting important people such as Wael al-Dahdouh. This link shows that young reporters from the area are still making a lasting impact.

4. How does Lama Jamous think she can change things as a news reporter, and what advice does she give to those who want to follow their dreams?

Lama wants to do something big and long-lasting as a news reporter. Her story shows us that with help from others and strong will, people can overcome problems. They add value to the big story of our world.