The woman in the video alternates between shopping for a Dior purse and eating at a five-star hotel.

Stories about wealthy spouses and wives enjoying all the privileges frequently go viral. Recently, a 20-year-old lady uploaded a video of herself to Instagram. Saydumarova Imona is from Uzbekistan. She presently resides with her spouse in St. Petersburg, Russia. On Instagram, she presents herself as married and a professional fashion model.

The video clearly shows that she is extremely young, although her spouse is 65 years old. She is shown clinging to her old spouse and shopping throughout the day, implying that he is quite affluent.

Although she hasn’t spoken much about her spouse, she did write in the video’s caption, “The important thing is that we love each other.” As shown in the video, it appears that her spouse is incredibly wealthy. This might explain why she buys branded products day and night. She occasionally shops for Dior bags and lunches at a five-star hotel. In the video, she wears a gold handbag and fancy brand footwear. Often, she gets tired from shopping so much. as per reports.


She published the video on her Instagram account, @imona_saydumarova, which has over 11,000 followers. The video has been seen over 4.1 million times and has 60,000 likes.

Furthermore, thousands of people have shared the video and left over 2,700 comments. “Take off the hijab, then what is this method?” one person asked. Another person said, “People with money have no age.” A third person said, “It’s good, and the girl is also very beautiful.” Another user added, “Those who say that because this person has money, this girl is with him are mistaken.” Before writing anything unpleasant, you should do something for yourself.” However, a fourth individual said, “This man is not actually old, but he has been made to look old through Photoshop.”