A 24-year-old married lady was allegedly sexually assaulted by a nurse early on Tuesday while she was receiving treatment for a lung infection in the intensive care unit of a private hospital in Alwar, Rajasthan. She claimed that at approximately 3.30 am, the accused went into the ICU, pulled back the curtains, and performed lewd activities in front of her. When she objected, he injected her and sexually assaulted her.

The accused was seen approaching the woman in the CCTV footage of the crime that was taken at the hospital. Police took the man into custody after receiving her complaint, opened an investigation, and filed a case against him.

On Monday afternoon, the woman was admitted to the hospital. She claimed the injection made her unconscious, and when she woke up, she was being sexually assaulted. The accused gave her another injection as a threat of harm when she raised an alarm. She added that when a female nurse showed up, she threatened her as well as offered assistance.

After telling her husband about the crime, the woman lodged a police complaint. Based on her statement, a FIR has been filed, according to Rajpal Singh, the investigating officer.

Lavesh Gupta, the director of the hospital, stated that the police had received the relevant data and CCTV footage. According to Gupta, the hospital has cooperated fully with the authorities and is giving the required assistance while the investigation is underway.