A complaint has been filed in Lucknow against a woman who claimed that actor and Gorakhpur BJP candidate Ravi Kishan was her daughter’s father.

Following a complaint from Ravi Kishan’s wife Preeti Shukla, the police investigated. Mumbai resident Aparna Soni, also known as Aparna Thakur, asserted at a news conference in Lucknow on Monday that her 25-year-old daughter Shinova is the child of Ravi Kishan. Ravi Kishan, she claimed, was violating his daughter’s rights. 

After that, Preeti, the wife of Ravi Kishan, went to the Hazratganj police station in Lucknow and filed a complaint. Based on this, the police then filed a formal complaint (FIR) against six people: Aparna Soni, her husband Rajesh Soni, daughter Shinova Soni, son Saunak Soni, Vivek Kumar Pandey, the leader of the Samajwadi Party, and a journalist who runs a YouTube channel named Khurshid Khan.

They are facing charges under IPC Sections 504, 506; 120b; 195; 386; 388; and 388. Preeti Shukla claimed in her lawsuit that Aparna Soni had intimidated her by using her links to the mafia. “If you don’t comply, I will frame your husband in a false rape case,” Preeti Shukla allegedly informed Aparna. Aparna Thakur was also listed in the FIR as having demanded Rs 20 crore in extortion.

In Mumbai, a similar complaint was made. In spite of this, on April 15, Aparna Thakur travelled to Lucknow and held a news conference during which she levelled accusations against Ravi Kishan. Preeti Shukla said that Aparna was trying to sway the results of the election by discrediting her and her husband.

Aparna Thakur informed India Today TV that she had learned about the FIR and was speaking with her attorney. She stated that ten months prior, through her Mumbai-based lawyer, she had sent a legal notice to Ravi Kishan requesting Rs 20 crore for her daughter’s education, marriage, and future. However, she never heard back.

Thakur asserted that she and her daughter were being harassed while denying any connection to the mafia.

In reference to the Mumbai Police complaint that Ravi Kishan’s wife had filed, Thakur said that she had not received any correspondence or investigation from them as of yet.

She went on to say that her husband and son, who hadn’t visited India in the previous four years, had also been wrongly accused. Even her attorney, who is representing her in court, has been labelled as an accused, according to Thakur.