According to a police officer on Monday, two people were detained in Chhattisgarh’s Balrampur district for reportedly killing their 30-year-old relative and having sex with her corpse.

According to him, the event happened on January 30 in a forest close to Parsagudi Haritma village, which is under the Rajpur station limits. The two suspects, one of whom was a kid, were detained on Sunday.

The other accused is also linked to the victim, he said, and the child, who is 17 years old, is the woman’s husband’s younger brother.

“For work, the woman and her spouse moved to Akola in the Surguja district, a short distance from Parsagudi. The accused summoned her on the phone the day of the incident to come irrigate their farmland in Haritma Forest,” he added.

Later that evening, the three drank alcohol, and the young kid used a nylon rope to strangle her. Next morning, her body was discovered by onlookers. The two accused were the focus of an investigation, and they admitted to killing her and having sex with her corpse,” the official stated.

The police officer stated that more investigation into the crime is in progress.