Atishi, a top AAP politician and minister in Delhi, claimed on Tuesday that searches on the leaders of the Arvind Kejriwal-led party are part of the BJP-led government’s attempt to “scare and silence” the party. This comes after searches were carried out by the central agency in relation to a number of AAP members, such as MP ND Gupta and Bibhav Kumar, Kejriwal’s personal assistant, in connection with a money laundering investigation involving money syphoning at Delhi Jal Board (DJB).

According to Atishi, these searches are in response to her tweet from Monday night announcing her impending exposé on the central agency. She said that in order to shield her from the “explosive expose,” the ED carried out the aforementioned searches. The raids will go on, she added, but AAP is unfrightened.

At a news conference, Atishi stated, “The investigation has been going on for two years, raids have happened and arrests too, but nothing has been recovered.” She enquired as to whether money laundering had taken place, where the proceeds were, and where the proof of money laundering was. 

A few witnesses came out and said that coercion was the reason behind their comments. Atishi faced accusations from two witnesses. One said that he was threatened with his wife’s arrest if he did not give a statement against the AAP. 

According to the AAP leader, the ED searched party members in order to stop the expose. Opposition is being intimidated and silenced by central agencies. 

“We have petitioned the court to have access to all audio recordings of the ED’s investigations. You will be informed of the facts if ED refuses to grant us access,” she declared. She claimed that the audio records of the investigations had been erased by the ED. 

The ED raids on Tuesday are covering roughly ten locations in the nation’s capital.