Powerfully demonstrating protest, a Dalit woman scaled a water tank in Rajasthan to seek her alleged rapist’s arrest. Her exemplary act focused the ongoing fight for justice by the survivors of sexual assault and minority groups nationwide.

It was the incident, happened on January 16, 2023 near the District Collector’s office, that was the final result of the woman’s unsuccessful efforts to have accused rape culprit, Pappu Gujjar, arrest. Despite the guy filing a case against him weeks before, the local authorities had managed not to do anything about it. Incited with bureaucratic indifference, the female resolved protest was her last resort.

As she perched resolutely atop the water tank, a crowd gathered below in solidarity. Fellow members of the Dalit community also conveyed anger over the lack of police action. Clearly, this case tapped into long-simmering resentments over caste-based discrimination.

Eventually, women police officials convinced the woman to come down using sensitivity and care. They also smartly placed safety nets around the tower showing proper protocol. The woman currently remains in custody as authorities investigate her accusations.

This case is a microcosm of the systemic social issues plaguing India. The key events are summarized chronologically below:

DateKey Event
January 16, 2023Woman registers rape case against Pappu Gujjar
January 16 onwardsPolice fail to arrest accused rapist
February 12, 2023Frustrated woman climbs water tank demanding accused’s arrest
February 12 afternoonWoman agrees to come down after assurances from authorities

Much work remains to be done to prevent such injustices. All survivors deserve swift police action when reporting sexual crimes. And the intersecting prejudices of gender, caste and class must no longer stand in the way of justice.


The Rajasthan Dalit woman’s water tank protest demonstrates that when systems fail, the oppressed have little choice but to resort to extraordinary defiance. Her actions gave a face to the suffering of voiceless minorities failed by powerful institutions. One can only hope her courageous stance spurs genuine soul-searching and reform to prevent further tragedies. For any nation that aspires to greatness must ensure the human rights of all citizens, regardless of identity.