In Mukerjee Nagar, Delhi, a woman was brutally stabbed by a guy; CCTV footage of the crime has gone viral. The woman was hurt, but nothing serious; she is safe, and the suspect has been taken into custody by the police. The event happened on March 22, and Aman has been named as the culprit.

Students at Mukerjee Nagar allegedly used to tease the offender and refer to him as “crazy” because he would explore the neighbourhood aimlessly. He had attacked a woman who had come to Mukerjee Nagar to study in a library.

The accused man told the police that she also made fun of him, which infuriated him to the point where he grabbed a knife from a vegetable vendor nearby and attacked her.

Because onlookers intervened quickly to stop the assailant from beating the woman further, the woman did not sustain serious injuries.

The man is shown on CCTV rushing towards the woman and pushing her to the ground four or five times before moving on to another victim.

Then he tries to flee as he tries to catch the accused man when a man on a two-wheeler stops. Meanwhile, someone else stops the suspect when he tries to attack the victim once more. then he leaves the area.