In a terrible car accident in the US state of Pennsylvania, a 21-year-old Indian woman who had just finished her degree the previous year died.

The Indian consulate general in New York posted a statement on X on Saturday, March 21, expressing their sincere condolences to Arshia Joshi’s family. Joshi passed away in an automobile accident in Pennsylvania on March 21.

The consulate stated that it is in communication with Joshi’s family and is offering all support to have her body returned to India as soon as feasible.

The Indian consulate in New York expressed their condolences to the family of Ms. Arshia Joshi, a young professional who died in a sad car accident in Pennsylvania on March 21 in a post on X. May she rest in peace for all eternity.”

Joshi’s dead remains are being actively transported to her family in Delhi by the volunteer-run nonprofit organisation TEAM Aid.

The primary goal of TEAM Aid is to support Indian community members who experience traumatic events while residing in the US, including accidents, suicides, homicides, or unexpected deaths.

According to reports, TEAM Aid founder Mohan Nannapaneni stated, “Our hearts are heavy with grief amidst a series of tragic incidents.”

According to Nannapaneni, TEAM Aid has managed three local funerals and supervised the return of five people’s bodies to India in only the past week.

As of right now, Nannapaneni and his colleagues are actively assisting a great deal of other families with the arrangements for the transfer of their deceased loved ones’ bodies from the United States and Canada to India.