Kangana Ranaut stirred some controversy in November 2021 when she said that India’s 1947 freedom was like “bheekh,” or “alms.” In fact, she said that when Narendra Modi took office as prime minister for the first time in 2014, India truly gained its independence. 

Supriya apologized even though she emphasized that the post—which has now been taken down from Instagram—was uploaded from a spoof account.

As a candidate for the Bharatiya Janata Party, Kangana Ranaut is running for Lok Sabha elections in 2024 from Mandi in her native Himachal Pradesh.

The actor who plays Queen has been in the center of political debate before. The following are five current political disputes over the actor who transitioned to politics:

“True Liberty in 2014”

Kangana has shown her support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by speaking out. The actor from Thalaivii caused a rift in November 2021 with her opinions on India’s independence. Kangana said during a TV channel summit that India’s 1947 independence was a “bheek” or “alms.” In fact, she said that when Narendra Modi took the oath of office as prime minister for the first time in 2014, Indian citizens experienced true freedom.

She received backlash from many for disparaging freedom warriors in her remark. BJP lawmaker Varun Gandhi was one of the people who replied, questioning if he ought to label the remark as “madness or treason.”

“Disseminating Hatred”

An FIR was lodged against Kangana in May of that year on charges of instigating communal violence and disseminating hate propaganda in West Bengal. The actor was accused of defaming Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, according to the complaint.

After the “Queen” star made a clear jab at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in response to the violence that followed the election, the police opened a case. Her X (then Twitter) account was suspended as a result of the remarks, but it was reinstated two years later.

Then, an X representative claimed that her tweets were inciting violence and rage and devaluing the platform’s worldwide public discourse.

Likening Mumbai to Pakistan

Kangana caused another scandal earlier in 2020. The Mumbai police, she claimed, tormented her more than the Bollywood mafias. She continued, likening Mumbai to Kashmir under Pakistani occupation.

Kangana made her comments to refute Sanjay Raut, the head of the Shiv Sena. She received criticism from the Rajya Sabha MP for her unfavorable remarks on Mumbai Police.