Vivek Maurya, a man in his mid-20s, was taken into custody on Tuesday after killing an 18-year-old girl.

The girl was lured by Vivek, according to the victim’s relatives, who then gave her an overdose of drugs, which caused her death. Authorities said that Vivek was taken into custody on suspicion of murder, and that they are currently conducting an investigation.

According to police, the girl had left her family to fly to Bengaluru. She was lured by a male friend, who drove her to the BBD area on Monday night and gave her an injection of a combination of smack substance and medicine.

The overdose caused the girl’s condition to worsen, and the young man also started to get quite drunk. After getting information, a group of UP 112 officers hurried her to RMLIMS, where she passed away.

After the family members informed the authorities, Vivek fled to escape being questioned by the police and facing consequences. Based on a complaint from the mother of the deceased, the BBD police sent the body for post-mortem investigation and filed a FIR, which resulted in the accused’s arrest.

Anindya Vikram Singh, ACP Vibhutikhand, said, “He confessed to administering the cocktail of medicine and smack drug but claimed that the experiment he conducted for thrill went awry.”

Police discovered a pack of smack and a syringe at the scene during their investigation. It turned out that the workers who lived on the plot had left for work, so the only people at the scene were the girl and Vivek. Family members have stated suspicions about intentional drug overdose murder.

According to the police, Vivek forced the girl to take narcotics since he was addicted to them. The girl had told her parents that she was planning to visit Bengaluru, but she never followed through on the plan. Rather, on April 8, she got in touch with Vivek, saying she was short on money and that she wanted to do drugs.