As Narendra Modi enters his third term in office, Kangana Ranaut encourages the opposition to put policy above platitudes. To uphold the dignity of democracy and meet public expectations, Modi emphasizes the significance of a responsible opposition.

On Monday, actor-politician Kangana Ranaut, who won her first election from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), took the oath of office as a member of the Lok Sabha. Ranaut questioned the Opposition INDIA group after being sworn in, stating, “Let’s see what they bring to the table.”

Kangana Ranaut said, “As PM Modi stated, the entire country hopes that the Opposition will be more responsible.”

“Sirf chillam chili karenge ya kuch valuable they will bring to the table? (Will they bring something valuable to the table or will they just shout slogans?) Let’s see,” joked Kangana Ranaut.

It seems like Kangana Ranaut had the same thoughts as Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier in the day. In an attempt to live up to public expectations, Prime Minister Modi attacked the opposition by calling on them to respect democracy’s dignity and put policy above rhetoric.

“The people of the country expect good steps from the opposition,” stated the prime minister. To preserve the honor of democracy, I hope the opposition will live up to the aspirations of the nation’s regular citizens.”

People don’t desire drama or commotion. Consumers want content over catchphrases. The nation requires a capable opposition, and PM Modi stated, “I am confident that the MPs elected to the 18th Lok Sabha will work to uphold the expectations of the average citizen.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to power earlier this month and took office for a third term in a row. On June 9, he took the oath of office alongside his Council of Ministers, beginning his third tenure as a member of the Lok Sabha. Modi kept the seat he has held in Varanasi since 2014. He was the first to take the oath of office in his capacity as Leader of the House.

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