Greenwich, CT – In a case that has sent shockwaves through the community, Greenwich Police have taken decisive action against a woman accused of contributing to a fatal overdose incident. A resident of New York, Maria Noesi has been arrested and charged with manslaughter for a 40-year-old man who passed away in November of the previous year.

The arrest, which occurred on Wednesday in New York city, certainly symbolizes a step, undoubtedly an important one, in the long battle that we are fighting against the national opioid plight which has succeeded in claiming too many lives across the country. As reported by authorities, it is alleged that Noesi provided the victim with the lethal substance, fentanyl, and the identity of the victim is being kept concealed.

Greenwich Police Chief James Heavey, in a solemn statement, emphasized the department’s unquestioned dedication to seeing those responsible brought to justice for the distribution of these deadly substances. “Illegal distribution of drugs in our community will never be allowed!,” declared Heavy. “This sad story highlights the extreme danger of fentanyl and shows that the grip of this crisis must be tackled on all sides.”

The accusations facing Noesi depict a gruesome view of how detrimental these substances can be. Besides the offence of manslaughter and charges of drug trafficking and reckless endangerment, this proceeding brings into relief the gravity of her supposed conduct.

While Noesi waits for her day in court, she remains held on $500,000 bond, an amount that gives an idea of the seriousness of the charges against her. But the Judiciary is the one that will determine if she will be guilty or not. This case has already been a stepping stone to discuss the significance of all human being being held accountable for their actions without gender or social class being the criteria to this judgement.

“We have to stay committed to our efforts of safeguarding our towns from the opioid epidemic,” remarked Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo. “In this situation we can observe the terrible outcome that can happen when the drugs like this are spread in the streets” and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that those who contribute to this crisis are held accountable.”

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Greenwich community remains united in its resolve to support those affected by addiction, honor the memory of the victim, and send a resounding message that the distribution of illicit substances will not be tolerated within its borders.