The name Mary Kom, often known as “Magnificent Mary,” resonates not only in the boxing community but also in the hearts of everyone who values unshakable resolve and the victory of the human spirit. Her remarkable journey from a small Manipur town to becoming world champion and Olympic bronze medalist reads like a compelling story of tenacity, bravery, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Thousands of Indians, especially many Indian women, find inspiration in her story.

In this article, we’ll delve into Mary Kom’s exceptional life, her challenges, and the extraordinary path she paved from a difficult upbringing to achieve unmatched heights.

mary kom

Early Life, Her upbringing had been so challenging

She was raised by her parents in the Northeast and worked in the fields with them. Her family was not wealthy, and the area was plagued with political turmoil and poverty. Her upbringing had been so challenging, yet she was determined to succeed. She was athletically inclined as a child but wasn’t really interested in boxing. Mary Kom was motivated to pursue a career in professional boxing by Dingko Singh and his gold medal at the Asian Games.

Overcoming the odds

Mary Kom didn’t have support from her family or community as a young child growing up in a Manipuri family with limited financial resources. As the patriarchal society rejected the idea of a woman being a boxer, she kept her desire a secret. Throughout her trip, she encountered numerous obstacles and discrimination. Despite all obstacles, she persisted in concentrating on her dreams. She is still the only female boxer from India to have received an Olympic medal. 

The journey to triumph

In 2002, Mary Kom experienced a turning point in her spectacular career when she won a historic gold medal at the Women’s World Boxing Championship in Turkey. This success cemented her place in history and prepared the way for even bigger victories. She proceeded to rule the world of boxing in the years that followed, winning titles in several weight divisions and winning a bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics.

Additionally, in 2014 when the Asian Games were held in South Korea, she made history as the first female boxer from India to win a gold medal.

The government has acknowledged Mary Kom’s achievements and contributions to the nation in the realm of sports. For her accomplishments, she was awarded the Padma Shri in 2010 and the Padma Bhushan in 2013.

With government support, she established the Mary Kom Regional Boxing Academy. She stated in an interview that she wants to create a thousand Mary Koms. Her autobiography Unbreakable and the film Mary Kom, in which she was portrayed by star Priyanka Chopra, both detail her life experiences.

Priyanka Chopra, Mary kom

Inspiring generations 

Despite her fame and accomplishment, Mary Kom’s journey has remained difficult. She continues to experience regional prejudice and discrimination at several events, including the Commonwealth Games trials, where she received unjust treatment. But she continues to fight regardless of this. She moves through these setbacks and demonstrates her talent in the ring.

Mary Kom showed us what a woman is capable of in a nation where they are still fighting for their basic rights and independence. She pursued her goals and created a platform for many others to follow various paths to success. She demonstrated that perseverance and hard work pay off. Her persistent efforts and dreams led to her victory and achievement. Mary Kom is one of the select few remarkable individuals who broke all barriers on route to achievement.