One day after the 70-year-old woman’s body was discovered in Bengaluru’s K R Puram neighbourhood, sliced inside a drum, the police on Monday detained her acquaintance in relation to the homicide.

Deenesh, 40, is accused by the police of killing the elderly woman in order to take her jewellery. Deenesh was brought before a judge by the police after they had him arrested.

Susheelamma, a resident of Nisarga Layout in K R Puram, was found dead on Sunday, according to the police. In that same location, her body was dismembered and thrown into a drum. 

Deenesh, who lived in the same neighbourhood, had known Susheelamma for a while, and the two of them were local BJP workers, according to the Bengaluru police. The cops said that they frequently visited one other’s homes.

Susheelamma recently revealed that she was receiving a respectable amount of money, which she also shared with her neighbours. Deenesh knew about it, too. The officer said, “Susheelamma just started wearing certain jewels, and Deenesh thought that it might be gold that she had purchased with the same money.

Deenesh called Susheelamma to his house on Saturday at around 11.30 am, claiming he would take her to a temple. According to the authorities, Deenesh killed Susheelamma when she got to his house and took her jewellery to sell. He discovered that the majority of them in the jewellery store were “rolled gold,” and that only one was a gold ornament that he sold for Rs 11,500. He had requested a money transfer to a digital wallet account from a pawnbroker.

He dismembered Susheelamma’s body after returning home about 12:30 p.m. According to a police official, Deenesh dropped the hands and legs into Avalahalli Lake after packing them in plastic. The officer said, “He then placed the remainder of her body into a blue drum along with some chemicals.”

“He intended to get rid of the body, but it was already late.” He chose to toss it on Sunday after keeping it in a secluded area of a building that was still under construction. However, a local found it by Sunday night and reported it to the authorities. When the cops arrived to examine the body, Deenesh was also there. In his witness testimony, he stated that he had seen the suspect there, the officer stated.

The blue drum, which Deenesh had placed close to his house, was shown being carried by him in CCTV footage that the police discovered. Additionally, Susheelamma’s house was nearby.

According to preliminary investigation, Deenesh was employed at a port in Chennai before losing his employment due to the coronavirus outbreak. His spouse was the family’s primary provider, employed close to Manyata Tech Park. The police said he was in need of cash.

Deenesh stayed aside on Saturday while his wife and child attended Sathyanarayana pooja at a relative’s home. At approximately 5:30 p.m., he went to the relative’s house and had supper there. A police officer stated that none of them knew about the murder.

Police in K R Puram have opened a case and are currently looking into it.