Poonam Pandey filed further lawsuits against those who profited financially from her staged demise. She is still committed to her goals.

Poonam Pandey seemed to have a lot to say about her act of fake death that she carried out to raise awareness of cancer. She recently faced even more trolling after removing messages on social media about cervical cancer, which she claimed was the primary cause. She claimed in a recent post that others, not herself, had benefited financially from the entire situation.

Poonam Pandey during her last moments

“To be honest, I’m happy that my post did manage to reach a large number of people and raise awareness about cervical cancer,” Poonam added. this is all that I desired to do. I was pushed into the cause by those who stood to gain financially, which upset me, but I will always support the cause and will do so going forward. However, the remainder is up to you all to find out who commercialised it.”

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She promised on social media that “the truth shall be revealed soon,” and that’s when her message appeared. It was referred to by many as “another drama” with actor-models.

Poonam’s latest dispute

Poonam tricked the whole internet community on February 2 by posting on her official Instagram account that she had passed away from cervical cancer. Additionally, her boss attested to the fact that the 32-year-old woman had actually passed away from cervical cancer to a number of news outlets. But Poonam returned on Instagram a day later, claiming that she had staged her own death in order to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

She said, “I am alive,” in an Instagram video. Cervical cancer did not claim my life. Regretfully, I am unable to make that statement on the many numbers of women who have lost their lives to cervical cancer.” Her advertising attempt failed horribly, sparking online controversies and trolling.