Surabhi joined IES (Indian Engineering Services) at the age of 22 after receiving an All INDIA RANK 1 at the age of 21.

New Delhi: The stories of people rising from lowly origins to tremendous achievement are incredibly motivating and inspirational. These stories show how the human spirit triumphs and that hard work and determination can get over any challenge. The inspiring stories of those who have overcome poverty to affluence, many of whom are IAS and IPS personnel, are among these accounts.

These people have gone from being destitute to being wealthy due to their unrelenting perseverance, tenacity, and steady consistency. Even though they look to have glamorous lives and are enjoying the results of their labour now, their journey to prosperity was not without difficulties. Many have to work really hard and overcome difficult obstacles in order to achieve their goals. IAS Surabhi Gautam is one such person whose tale merits acknowledgement.

Surabhi’s life story is a tribute to her incredible accomplishments and a source of motivation for many. She has not only become an IAS officer with an outstanding All India Rank of 50, but she has also proven herself to be a capable and powerful person by passing exams like GATE, BARC, ISRO, SAIL, SSC-CGL, and IES, of which she received an incredible All India Rank of 1.

Raised in a low-income household, Surabhi had to overcome several obstacles before she could achieve success. Due to financial limitations, she was forced to attend a Hindi-medium school till the 12th grade instead of an English-medium institution. In addition, during her early years, she struggled with several health problems that necessitated frequent trips to the doctor.

Her troubles continued throughout her college years, when her poor command of the English language presented obstacles. She overcame these challenges to show off her intellectual brilliance by finishing first on her university tests in the first semester. After that, she faced and passed a number of technical tests, as she revealed in a TEDx lecture.

Surabhi’s path of tenacity and fortitude culminated at the age of twenty when she was able to acquire a highly sought-after job at the esteemed BARC. Despite the notoriously challenging BARC selection procedure, Surabhi persevered because of her unwavering commitment. She started her career at age 22 after achieving the incredible achievement of earning All India Rank 1 in the Indian Engineering Services (IES) test at age 21.

Her unwavering dedication to greatness paid off when, at the age of 25, she passed the Civil Services Examination (CSE) and received an outstanding All India Rank of 50. Surabhi has stuck to her conviction that hard effort is the most important factor in achieving success and that there are no quick cuts to success throughout her career.

The inspirational tale of Surabhi Gautam serves as a potent reminder of the transformational potential of resiliency, willpower, and endurance. Numerous people are motivated to follow their objectives tenaciously, despite obstacles, by her unshakable dedication to them and her determination to let hardship stop her.