Are you an enthusiast of high-quality sound and looking for the best home theatre system? It is impossible not to consider the Samsung HW-Q990D soundbar if you are in the market for such a device. This hi-tech audio product guarantees you a whole new experience when it comes to entertainment games. It provides you with a realistic, comfortable sound of the highest quality, which will allow you to feel as if you are in the centre of the action.

Overview Table:

Audio Setup11 front-facing speakers, 2 up-firing drivers, 1 subwoofer, 2 rear satellite speakers
Dimensions48.5 inches wide (soundbar)
Sound FormatsDolby Atmos, DTS:X
ConnectivityHDMI 2.1, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Price$2000 (currently on sale for $1750)

HDMI 2.1: Future-Proof Your Entertainment

Another key function worth mentioning is that the Samsung HW-Q990D is connected to HDMI 2.1 compatibility. It guarantees 4K passthrough without interruption in the magnificent frame rate 120 frames per second which is simply sublime when you plug it to the next generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

Immersive Audio, Tailored To Your Needs

The HW-Q990D has been designed purposefully to provoke an audio experience that actually captivates you and wraps you up into your favourite films, TV shows, and games. There are a total of 11 front-facing speakers, two up-firing drivers, and a powerful subwoofer that allows you to be completely immersed in rich and elaborate sound that brings each scene to life.

But that’s not all – Samsung has taken personalization to new heights with two innovative audio modes:

  • Private Listening: When you require less noise, this mode switches off the front speakers and leaves only the rear satellite speaker to work. Ideal for those times when you need to watch movies exceptionally late and don’t have any desire to disturb anyone.
  • Party Play: Thinking about being a party fellow instead? This mode is an ideal decision, especially when you need to make your soundbar radiate sound between the soundbar and the back speakers, allowing you to re-tune sound for the entire room so that your party can be a memorable one.

High-quality Sound Speaks for Itself.

Samsung’s HW-Q990D soundbar is a genuine sound powerhouse, delivering sound quality that will leave you speechless:

  • Dolby Atmos Immersion: Explore the credible sound stages of Disney+ DOLBY Atmos where you can encounter the sound effects to the flawlessness. Whether it is the echoing sound of Knowhere or the bustling streets of the same domain, you’ll have the impression that you’re actually there.
  • Musical Mastery: Be it the solid thunder of Justice’s “Never End” or the fragile subtlety of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue,” the Q990D conveys everything about unparalleled dynamics and profundity.

All-in-One Convenience

One of the outstanding features in the Samsung HW-Q990D model is the way that it is all in one. The bundle comes with the subwoofer and back speakers. Thus, you will have a full surround sound system just after installation, without spending some dime for the extra items you might require.

Investment in Excellence

As we probably are aware, HW-Q900D comes with a premium price tag of $2,000 (presently on sale for $1,750). Be that as it may, this investment will please the genuine audiophiles who strive for the best home entertainment experience.


So for anyone looking for an extraordinary soundbar with the best sound quality, immersive surround sound, and a ton of incredible features, the Samsung HW-Q990D is one of the best options you should consider. With its underlying HDMI 2.1 network, it offers a surefire performance of any picture quality and resolution, personalized sound settings, and all-in-one ease. This soundbar is simply set to leave the opposition in the dust and to bring your entertainment to another level.