The One Stop Centre Scheme is essential to the Indian government’s efforts to empower women. This officially sponsored initiative is supported by the Nirbhaya fund. It is intended to give state governments with 100% central aid to safeguard women victimised by gender-based violence in public and private settings.

To address all types of violence against women, the initiative offers emergency medical, legal assistance, counseling services, and non-emergency services, all under one roof.

When a complaint is made by SMS or the internet, a text message is sent to the relevant district/area authorities, such as the DPO/PO/CDPO/DYSP/CMO/SHO/DM/SP/PO. 

The case data are put into a system and a unique ID is produced whether the victim submits the complaint in person or if someone else registers it on their behalf.


The One Stop Centre Scheme provides benefits to all women who have been victims of violence, regardless of class, caste, geographical location, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation.


All women, including girls aged below 18.

There is no formal application procedure for this plan since it offers housing, medical support, and other services.

  • Women who have been victims of violence, on the other hand, may seek assistance via any of the following channels:
  • By interacting with oneself
  • Women’s helpline and other emergency response hotlines
  • Through any individual, such as a governmental official (as specified in Section 21 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860), a friend, an NGO, a family, or a volunteer