From Olympic glory to selling Gol Gappas and then returning back to track: Sita Sahu Journey

We Indians cannot deny that we are a cricket-obsessed country. This frequently entails ignoring the accomplishments of athletes who compete in different sports. Sad but true, selfless athletes frequently go unnoticed despite making outstanding exploits that should make us all happy to be Indians. 

There are numerous examples of people who overcame hardships like poverty and adversity to reach the heights of prosperity. Making your mark in such circumstances might be particularly difficult. 

Early beginning 

Meet Sita Sahu, a pani puri vendor who makes a living despite having mental disabilities. Nothing too extraordinary at first glance, is it? But after hearing about her astounding accomplishments on the biggest platform of them all, the Olympic stage, you’ll just be left wondering why this great young woman is having financial difficulties. Sita Sahu brought honour to her nation by winning two bronze medals in the 200-metre and 1600-metre events at the 2011 Paralympics in Athens. When Sita Sahu won two medals in the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens, she was only 15 years old.

From Olympic glory to selling Gol Gappas and then returning back to track: Sita Sahu Journey

At the time, the state government had promised Sita a prize of Rs 1 lakh, but it never followed through. Given that she belongs from a low-income labor family that earns between Rs 150 and Rs 180 per day, the incentive would have meant a lot to her. Sita was forced to stop attending school as her father soon became unwell. Sita began selling gol gappas in the streets of Rewa, her hometown in Madhya Pradesh, with her mother and brothers after quietly giving in to her circumstances.

Overcoming hardships

“After she won two bronze medals, they anxiously awaited the announcement of the financial rewards, only to be disappointed. The family explodes into wrath at the first mention of her history. As a result, I avoid talking about it, Usha Sahu, Sita’s trainer and instructor from Rewa, said in an interview with The Times of India.

Sita Sahu

In 2013, as the story was covered by print and television media, the government ordered Sita to pay her debts. The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) giving Sita Rs 6 lakh for her medals was what fulfilled the family’s hopes.

Sita and her siblings soon returned to class. Now that he is healthy again, Sita’s father expanded his family’s gol gappa stand into a concrete shop, and their food company is thriving. “I never imagined that would occur. We had given up on hope. We now live better lives thanks in large part to my daughter. Mother of Sita Kiran Sahu told TopYaps, “She transformed our lives.

Final thoughts 

Sita Sahu’s story serves as a reminder that India is home to a large number of brilliant and driven people who excel in a variety of sports and fields. Regardless of the sport they pursue or the difficulties they encounter, their accomplishments should be appreciated and supported. Society must value and elevate the accomplishments of athletes like Sita and give them the opportunity and attention they merit.