In a shocking and heartbreaking incident, the bodies of a 46-year-old woman and her 2.5-year-old granddaughter were discovered stuffed in a gunnysack from a lake near Adi Chunchanagiri in Mandya district, Karnataka. The victims have been identified as Jayamma and Rishika, residents of Kalkere village in Kadur taluk of Chikkamagaluru district.

The Disappearance

According to reports, Jayamma and Rishika had been reported missing on March 12, 2024. Their disappearance prompted Jayamma’s son, Praveen, to file a missing person’s complaint with the local police on March 15, after they failed to return home.

The Grim Discovery

The search for the missing woman and child tragically concluded on March 19, when their brutally murdered bodies were found stuffed in a gunnysack retrieved from the lake near Adi Chunchanagiri. The Bellur police have launched an investigation into this heinous crime.

The Accused

The authorities have named the arrested individual as Srinivas on whose murder case is already on court, and he is the son of the late Senappa from C S Pura in the Gubbi taluk of Tumkur district. As Closed in politics of Praveen ,Jayamma, who ethnically belonged to a nomadic group, had allegedly lent money to Srinivas while she came paying a visit to Adichunchanagiri where she often used to go in search of her livelihood.

The Sequence of Events

The sequence of events, as per the complaint, is as follows:

March 12Jayamma and Rishika went missing from their home in Kalkere.
March 15Praveen filed a missing person’s complaint after they failed to return home.
March 19The bodies of Jayamma and Rishika were found stuffed in a gunnysack from a lake near Adi Chunchanagiri.

Investigation Underway

The Bellur police are presently busy digging out the motive behind this heart wrenching crime in the hope that the culprit or the culprits to the crime will be found and made to face the legal consequence. Seemed to cause stir up feelings of disbelief and grief among nearby local community, due to sadness of innocent life taken away.

Call for Justice

As the line of investigations lead on, police ask for any person with information that may shed the light on the case to come forward and help bring the culprits to book for the highly grieving family of Jayamma and Rishika. This heartbreaking incident reminds us that we always need to be cautious, and neither the society nor the authorities should turn their eyes from people and cases that are unjust.