Locket Chatterjee, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has criticised Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA Narayan Goswami for making remarks about the appearance and skin tone of the native women in Sandeshkhali village, West Bengal. The women in this village have been protesting about what they believe to be atrocities committed against them by Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Shajahan Sheikh and his associates.

“The adivasi or tribal women from Sandeshkhali can be identified by their physique and complexion,” TMC’s Narayan Goswami stated in a recent interview. It’s fair, though, that the ladies who claim they were harassed in front of the camera. Can we assume that these are adivasis in the area?

In response, Chatterjee referred to his remarks as “utterly shameful and disgraceful” on X, a platform that was formerly Twitter. 

Trinamool MLA's remark on women's 'Physique, Complexion' draws BJP ire as Sandeshkhali row rages

“TMC MLA Narayan Goswami’s obscene words, which disparage the women of Sandeshkhali, blatantly demonstrate his dirty mindset. It is obvious that the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal is practising insane and racist politics when it disparages women and the tribal population based on their physical characteristics and skin tone. When will the bigotry of the neel-shada (dark-fair) Bahini end? She penned a letter.

Suvendu Adhikari, a Bengal Leader of Opposition and BJP MLA, is scheduled to visit Sandeshkhali on Thursday with thirty other MLAs and leaders to hold protests. This comes a day after Sukanta Majumdar, the chief of the West Bengal BJP, was hurt and taken to the hospital after party workers fought with police after being barred from entering the village where prohibitory orders were in effect.

Plans have been put in place to prevent Adhikari from staging protests there.

On Thursday (February 16), the BJP’s fact-finding delegation, led by JP Nadda, is expected to visit Sandeshkhali, according to sources.