A woman attempted to frame her husband in a murder case after killing another woman with the assistance of her paramour. She believed that her spouse would go to jail and she could live with her paramour while she simply obtained a divorce. Police did, however, detain the pair. Tuesday’s tragedy took place in the Krishna district’s Penamaluru.

Aitabattula Mrudhula Devi and Ravindra from Prasadampadu in the NTR district got married a few years ago, according to Penamaluru police.

Two sons are born to them. Mrudhula worked in a body care centre, whereas Ravindra is a deputy manager in a private company.

Devi met Polasi Sai Praveen, a young man from Krishna Lanka who visited her body care facility, in the interim. Later, the friendship turned into an adulterous relationship between the two.

Devi and Praveen made the decision to charge Ravindra with murder and put him behind bars in order to facilitate Devi’s divorce from her husband.

To carry out their plot, Praveen approached the 32-year-old renter Garigela Nagamani in December 2023 with the intention of killing her and accusing Ravindra of the crime.

Praveen brought Nagamani to an agricultural well shed on the Kanuru Hundred Feet Road on Saturday. As asked, he had Nagamani record a voice message, which he then forwarded to Devi. After finishing the voice recording, Praveen attacked Nagamani and killed her by strangulation. After filing a murder complaint, police detained the suspects and brought them before the judge, using technology to help them solve the murder mystery.