An American woman met the CEO of Qatar Airways at the airport and won a business-class ticket out of Doha.

An American businessman has told the tale of his younger sister, who met the CEO of Qatar Airways at the airport and managed to secure a business-class ticket out of Doha. Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski stated in a post on the social networking site X that his sister was attempting in vain to board a standby ticket and depart Doha, Qatar, in order to travel to the United States.

With a standby ticket, a traveler can wait at the airport and board a flight if a seat becomes available after all confirmed passengers have boarded, but it does not guarantee a seat on a particular aircraft.

Jaroslawski said that his sister’s attempts to take a plane out of Doha had failed. On a Doha to Chicago trip, seats were available, but the airline was not accepting any more because of weight control concerns.


When Jaroslawski’s unidentified sister attempted to board a flight to Washington, DC instead, a same situation occurred. The staff members of Qatar Airways inform her of this at the gate for the aircraft to Washington, DC. Weight control is the reason they aren’t taking on any additional passengers, the American creator of FreightCaviar stated on X.

Jaroslawski’s sister was beginning to feel uneasy, tense, and concerned at this time. Her luck changed as she stood dejectedly beneath the departure screens, wondering how she was going to get to the United States.

She was approached by a man who questioned her about her sadness. Jaroslawski wrote, “My sister told him everything that was going on.” The man assured her that everything will work out and instructed her to wait in the business class lounge.

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As it happened, the stranger was none other than Qatar Airways CEO Badr Mohammed Al Meer.

Jaroslawski’s sister was able to go to New York City in business class because to the kind intentions of Badr Mohammed Al Meer.

An employee of Qatar Airlines informed her as she boarded the aircraft that she was “extremely fortunate” as the CEO didn’t usually stroll through the airport on days like he did.

“Some people have such incredible power in this world. Everything changed from being sour to being really delicious with the touch of a finger, Jaroslawski stated in his X thread on June 19.

Thousands of people heard the story and were astounded by the woman’s good fortune. Fantastic tale. Motivating,” a commenter commented in the space provided. Another person added, “Let it be a reminder to do something nice for someone today.” “Simply amazing,” said a third.